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Using K4/5 for both Pre-K & Kinder

I own both Letter of the Week and K4/5 curriculums from COAH. I printed the ENTIRE K4/5 and have printed/laminated and organized it. Do you think I can use the K4/5 for both my Pre-K and Kinder sons? I reallly don’t want to go to all the trouble of printing out and preparing Letter of the Week. My Pre-K son doesn’t know all of his letters and sounds, but my Kinder son is more than ready for the K4/5. What do y’all think? Thank you!!

We used LOTW with K4/5 with my Kinder and it went very well. I found that the following year (technically 1st grade) my child was ready to start ahead of our curriculum picks with AAR and Horizons math so it was a solid K foundation. Have a great year!

Hi Kathyann,
I don’t recommend trying to do K4/5 without first going through the LOTW curriculum. I think it would be too difficult for your prek son to understand as it goes right into reading after a quick review of LOTW. I would go ahead and use it for your Kindergarten son, but I honestly don’t think your pre-k son will be able to understand. And it’s VERY important that he learn all of his letters (recognition and sound) before moving on to a kindergarten level program. So as much of a pain as it is, I definitely recommend going through at least some of the LOTW materials first with your pre-k son. You don’t have to do absolutely EVERYTHING, you can pick and choose activities, but he really does still need to go through his letters first. The other topics in the LOTW are also of importance, numbers for sure, and all of the fine-motor skill activities will prepare him for kindergarten, so I wouldn’t suggest just trying to skip over preschool.