Using Heart Of Dakatoa

Thank you for your input!! Appreciate it very much :slight_smile:

For both the Wiggly and Social, I would use Math-u-See. I have a Wiggly and Competent; it has been fantastic with both of them. It has plenty of practice and review. If your child needs to spend more time on multiplication, the entire year is spent on just multiplication. Then the following year is just division. Then just fractions, so on. I have not had to purchase or find other supplemental worksheets. At times we have been able to skip some of the review sheets in Math-u-see.
I have not used All About Reading. We have always used Learning Language Arts through Literature. I would see what you can find on ebay to purchase used. Then when you find the program you like, perhaps you can purchase future books new.
My rule of thumb is: if I can’t put it in my hands to browse through, then I don’t consider it. This has kept me sane and from being overwhelmed by all the great choices out there. Don’t forget to consider your teaching style as well. We tried several history programs this year; they were good books, but didn’t work with my teaching style and the child’s learning style. HOD meets all of these!

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Thank you so much!! You confirmed Math U See for me :slight_smile: I will check out the literature one you mentioned! So, you use HOD for History & Science? My son mentioned he wants to do a lot of experiments! Does HOD have that??

There are experiments for both history and science. Once in a while, there is also an experiment for story time. We use HOD for everything, except math and language arts. We do history, geography, science, poetry, bible, and story time. We add in our own bible study in addition, foreign language, math and language arts. Sometimes what we are doing with language arts overlaps with history. For example in history they had us studying the history of the US flag and pledge of allegiance, which corresponding to the same lesson in language arts. We really love our curriculum choices!

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