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Using AAR but looking to switch to Reading Horizons-really could use your thoughts!

I have a profoundly dyslexic (and ADHD) 4th grader and an advanced typical 2nd grader. We have been using AAR for the last 1.5 yrs and, although I really like the program and have experienced all its pros, I fear we aren’t making enough progress with my 4th grader. We do our lessons almost everyday, with the exception of Sunday, practice independent reading daily, utilize Epic for leveled reading and Read To Me books, and also use Lexia as a computer supplement to our regular lessons. I am looking at changing curriculums to see if another can help us more. I’ve narrowed it down to Logic of English and Reading Horizons. I’m leaning to Reading Horizons since the Logic of English looks a bit boring and I can sense see my boys complaining about it already. Have any of you worked with Reading Horizons? Thoughts? There isn’t much online from other mamas about this program and I’m nervous that that might be a sign! Thank you so much for any thoughts or opinions!

Check out Marianne Sunderland’s blog post where she talks about all 3 curriculum: AAR, LOE, and Reading Horizons. She has used all 3 with her kids (she’s a mom of 7 kids with dyslexia), and she also has some free e-books. Have you reached out to All About Learning Press for support and teaching ideas? They provide free ongoing support, so you can always call and/or email them (and the author’s son was profoundly dyslexic too.) Check out their Dyslexia Resources page for teaching tips and encouragement too. They also have a Facebook Support Group that has a lot of other moms of kids with dyslexia–you might find support and encouragement there as well. Remediating for profound dyslexia is challenging and it does take time to make progress, especially in the beginning couple of years. I know it’s frustrating and a long journey–my heart goes out to you! I hope you find what will help you and your family.