Using A Beka Spelling?

We have been using A beka Speling with my kids for the last 4 years. I’m trying to make it more “hands-on” than just copying lists of words. We started using some letter tiles, but I need more ideas. Thanks!

Here are some different things we’ve done in the past to study spelling words:
sidewalk chalk(outide on the drive)
alphabet stickers
We sing the spelling of the word
We swing while practicing
unscramble the word(which is a bit tougher on little ones
Hope that helps!

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We play finding letters on license plates, signs, at grocery store finding certain words…just some extras we do when we are out running errands. My son thinks of it more as a game than spelling so he is always excited to play it.

Spelling City is a helpful website to get kids to practice their lists, with vocabulary and spelling games. You can enter their lists for the week. There is a free account or a paid premium account which adds several different games and tracking options. We also use a dry erase board for practice with different colored pens. Anything different helps!

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Thank you for all the ideas. They will be so helpful! Blessings!

Thank you for taking time to reply! I will consider all your ideas.

Thanks, I was wondering about Spelling City but I didn’t know there was a free acount. I will check the website. Thanks again!

I am using A beka spelling starting in the fall! These ideas are great! Thanks for the post! ( they do have games in the teachers manual to play also. :smile:

Spelling City has been a huge help, that I went ahead and bought a year subscription. I love that my girls can take the test online too.