US History Help?!?

Hello! I am wanting to start US history this year with my second and first grader. I want to keep it light, and literature based. I have been trying to find a guide, book or timeline, something that I can use to keep the order of events straight! I did not enjoy history very much as a kid, so I will be honest I will be learning again with my kids! I really am looking for something simple that I can use to know what happened when. I would also like to have the kids color and make a timeline, but I could just print out pics for them to color and put on our wall if there is not a simple timeline available. So any suggestions or ideas for books I could use for this would be wonderful! Our budget is not huge so I don’t really want a full curriculum, we are going to get our books mostly from the library, but I do need a book for me to keep all the order of events straight!! TIA!!!

Download the table of contents from Truth Quest here: American History for Young Students is about halfway down the page.

Thanks, I looked at, so basically it is a book list by order of events? I have never heard of it but that is what I gathered from looking at the sample.

Yes, but you can pick and choose the books you want. The author herself says that it’s impossible to use them all.

Notgrass History JUST came out with a brand-new history curriculum for 1st-4th grades. It’s on sale until the end of July.

Actually, this is a full curriculum, so it may not be what you want.

All Through the Ages is another nice option, especially budget wise. I second TruthQuest History, though.

Yes, I looked at Notgrass! But I decided it was not quite what I was looking for. Thanks for the suggestion though!

I’d say Beautiful feet books guide, and get the books from the library!

All through the ages looks like it might be helpful and beautiful feet is actually the one I started considering first, then I came on here to see if there were other similar programs! Or other book lists that might compliment the books in beautiful feet! Thanks for the ideas. Open to more if anyone else has any ideas!

I think you should check the Baldwin project. It’s free online … lots …history, literature and much more. It’s perfect … and FREE. It’s truly beautiful for young ones. Click on ‘’Title”, look under the titles for American history volume 1. Just a sample. I feel it’s truly beautiful. Regarding timelines books. I May be able to help. Contact me at -



Have you looked into Story of the World? If you purchase the teachers guide with the book the guide contains coloring pictures and a recommended book list. Its very affordable. I would even check your library because the Story of the World is available at my library as a digital download so you could see if that’s an option to check out.

Hi Michelle! Your kids might like my Road Trip USA. I’m using it again this year with my 4th grader. But it has a lot of fun activities, crafts, recipes, etc. I don’t have a timeline with it, but the US history section books are a lot of fun, and not your typical boring history text book. They make history more interesting as they’re written for younger kids. Maybe I’ll add a US History timeline to the curriculum, that sounds fun! :slight_smile: