Update: Finished my reading room!

Thank you to everyone who answered my previous questions about having a designated reading space. I decided to use the space under our stairs and turn it into a cozy little reading area. And it’s actually WORKING! Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been catching my kids in there from time to time, reading all on their own! :open_mouth:

Anyway, for those interested, here are my before and after pics:


This is so cute. I would hide there all the time and read!

Adorable! Great work!!

@julie it looks terrific!!!

It looks great!! I wish I could hide there! :blush:

I love this! Can’t wait to have a reading room of our own :slight_smile:

Fantastic! :smile: :tea: :books:

I absolutely love this!! You did a great job!

What a cool space! Now I need to go find where I can make one.

@julie What a cute, cozy little space!

Love, love love this!

Terrific Job!!! Can I ask where does the door blocked by the couch goes… you need one of those secret revolving doors that looks like a wall with a couch but then you push a button on the couch arm and it magically opens the hidden door… now you’ve got me writing stories… :slight_smile: love the color too!

That is adorable. My family wouldn’t be able to get me to come out, lol.

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