Unschooling Approach

I’m now beginning to research and disect this learning aporoach!! Any articles, blogs, books or personal experience you may have that could be useful to share, post in this thread!! For those of you who have read my 6th grade son thread, you know why I’m checking this path out now :slight_smile: Time to research!!!

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Two articles I read last night

Another learning approach that I have heard of that is kind of along the same line as this is delight directed learning. From what I have read so far, the child takes a topic of interest to them & runs with it. They research, read, plan out projects, field trips, even job shadowing. Here are some links that might help.



That sounds awesome!! Sounds like a good way to keep them on their learning toes :wink: will check out links!! Thank you :slight_smile:

Your very welcome!
My 10 year old loves to take on her own projects like this & create posters or do oral presentations for us on what she has learned. So far she has used this for science, geography & last year she did a state history project that was awesome.

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Thanks for the links! I really enjoyed learning about delight directed learning. Something I would like to do more in our school. :slight_smile: Great reminders on how to get kids to love learning. Reminders that I need to remember! Thank you! :smile:


Your welcome! :smile:

I just discovered this way of learning the last spring. I have a daughter who is super creative so this really allows her to shine! It is so fun to see what she will come up with next!


Do you worry about doing lessons on grammar, mechanics, etc etc, or to you just learn those things as you go along with your units or subjects?

I combine this with some Charlotte Mason style curriculum. We use Language Lessons for grammar from Queen Homeschool Supply. Last year we went over basic things like sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization etc… This year we chose to use Lang. Lessons to help get a daily dose of grammar, but not so intense as others we have used that were more textbook style in past years. We just started using a CM style mixed with delight directed midway last year so we are still new to it, you could say! We do use a curriculum for math & spelling but most of the other areas like geography, history, science we do our own thing. I usually find out what the kids want to study about & we go from there. This year for history they wanted to learn about American history. Since they are both big fans of the American Girl historical doll books, we are using that as a guide to study different time periods, cultures, science & geography. We are using Erica’s Roadtrip U.S.A. along with it. My kids are hands on learners and these methods seem to work better for us. It just took me the better part of 6 years of homeschooling to figure it out! :wink:


I live in Michigan and I do the IDK approach I guess lol I have a degree and teach my all four of my children. I received some workbooks through School of Tomorrow which is a Christian based. I did have to buy some and it has only cost me a little over $300 for four children. Where it would have cost me over $300 for each child. I hope that it helps you some. I do not have to turn anything in, but I do keep a record book and grade all of my children’s assignments.

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