Unit Study for Charlottes Web and Mr Popper Penguins

This year we will be reading both Charlottes Web and Mr Poppers Penguins and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good Unit Studies I could use with them?
I am looking for something that does not just focus solely on the text but branches out perhaps into looking at spiders or learning more about penguins?
I noticed Memoria press has some literature studies but I think it may just focus on vocabulary and spelling etc…
If anyone has any suggestions that would be appreciated. :slight_smile: Thank you

Erica sells the literature packets for both of those books (and many others too!).


In addition to Erica’s. This site has a lot of good lapbooks and unit studies. They’re free too.

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The following suggested site is a great site in general for books, and I know they specifically have a Mr. Poppers Penguins “unit”. Its not your traditional “homeschool-type-lapbooking-unit-study” type thing, but it is a great resource none-the-less. I have not noticed or looked to see if they had a Charlottes Web, but they probably do. Once you go to the site Growing Book by Book ( [growingbookbybook.com][1] ), go to the Literacy Project button/tab and under that go to Family Dinner Book Club and then look for Mr. Poppers Penguins. Hope this resource helps!

[1]: http://growingbookbybook.com I just checked their site, Charlottes Web was a topic book in their 2014 line up.