U.S. History curriculum?

Anyone have experience with one they love? Thanks!

I used America from the Beginning (answers in genesis) as our spine and supplemented with the Time Travelers series (hands on). They would color/cut/paste/take notes while I read the TT lessons and the AFTB was their reading assignment. History was their FAVORITE subject doing this pairing. I also bought a timeline book (sonlight) and timeline stickers to use as we read.


I think we are going to try Truthquest history this year. We did Not enjoy our book this year but hopefully Truthquest will direct is using some living books. My girls love Usborne books

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My kids love this one from A Beka http://www.abeka.com/ABekaOnline/BookDescription.aspx?sbn=108626
It is to be used in fourth grade, but I think it can be used with a group of different grade levels. There are not hands-on activities, sorry! But you can add your own. It is great for teaching U.S. history in chronological order. There are also quizzes and a teacher manual available.
Another one we have enjoyed is Our American Heritage. It is a collection of biographies, an introduction to U.S. History through the life of different heroes, inventors, presidents, etc.

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