Typing Instructor Online or CD Version

Is there any pluses or minuses I need to be aware of between the online and disk version? I have 3 kids that will be using it. Thanks!

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I prefer disc everything BUT our laptop broke last year and we had to get a new one. It seems the new trend is making laptops without disc drives. It’s certainly not impossible to find them, but more and more computers are being made without the drives. I was shocked (we were at BestBuy…) I asked them and they just said that the manufacturers are moving away from disc drives - everything is working its way to be online now. So - while I prefer discs, you may want to consider how technology will change over the years… It may also depend on laptop vs desktop - we weren’t looking at desktops. Just a thought :smile:
Note - we got a great computer, but it had no disc drive. I had to buy an external disc drive to attach to the laptop to be able to use our discs… annoying, but at least I can still use the discs we have.

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So funny you say that. I am about to buy a new laptop and I told my husband it HAS to have a disc drive. We are getting another MacBook. I like the Air’s but no disc drive. My daughter does a lot of plays and musicals so I am constantly having to burn her cd’s for auditions so not having one isn’t possible.
So you like the CD version better? Will it save for several kids?

@Lindsay - oops! I guess I forgot to actually answer your question! We haven’t started typing yet, so I’m not sure the pros/cons of the disc vs the online version… I was just letting you know what the computer industry is beginning to do. I like owning discs, BUT the good thing about online stuff is that you have no disc that can get scratched. We have a LOT of scratched discs - so annoying when they don’t work anymore. Sorry I don’t have any insight. :smile:

We use Typing Instructor on our Mac. We purchased the disc. It will accommodate up to five users. I have had my two oldest using it this past year. They enjoy it. We share the computer with dad, who works from home, so they are not able to do it daily. When he isn’t around, we always do typing lessons and I have noticed that if they can get a few lessons in per week the progress quite nicely.
I am completely unfamiliar with the online version. I like having something tangible when I make a purchase. That’s just me. The program stores the progress for each user and shows what needs improvement, etc. We will continue using this program. I see no need to find something different.