TruthQuest History & BiblioPlan

Has anyone ever used TQ as their “main” history curriculum, while using BP to supplement? I like both curriculums. I like that TQ has the list of topics and a HUGE list of books from which to choose, but I like the “extras” available with BP (various note booking activities, discussion guide, Cool Histories, etc.) I’m wondering if anyone has experience combining these two programs, and if so what was your experience, how did you combine the programs, did you like/dislike having the 2 together, etc? Thank you for your input!

Have you seen the notebooking resources from TruthQuest that is also available with Maps and Timelines, notebooking pages, minibooks, etc? We have used this a lot! :slight_smile: I haven’t looked at BP though–thanks for mentioning it in conjunction with TQ–I will have to take a look at it!

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Yes, I have. I’m thinking about using the maps/timelines and Binder Builder supplements for TQ, but adding in some of the additional things BP supplies. I like their note booking pages more than the ones for TQ, I think because (at least from what I’ve seen of samples) the TQ ones seem like all they are is a topic name listed at the top of a page with a bunch of lines for the students to write about that topic. I could make that myself for little to no cost. The note booking pages available with BP, however, may not have EVERY topic listed that TQ has, but they seem to have more to the note booking pages than just lines for writing. You’ve actually seen TQ’s note booking pages in person though, so is there more to them than that or are the samples available online an accurate representation of the whole thing?

The other main BP items I’m considering are the Cool Histories for the assignment ideas (especially for the upper grades), the Craft Books for hands on project ideas, and I’m even considering getting the 4 Companions for use as a “spine text” (not sure on that one though). BP’s prices are reasonable to me, so I think that those could work for us.