Trouble staying focused on math

My 9 yr old is struggling with keeping on track when practicing his times tables and doing multiplication worksheets (preparing for timed multiplication) If I try timing him he panics and shuts down emotionally. So I stopped timing him but then he starts daydreaming and looking out the window (I’ve tried room dividers around the table to block his view).
He actually knows his times table, for some reason when he has to do a worksheet of them though he loses all focus and it becomes a big battle to get him to finish his paper. recently Ive tried folding the paper so he isnt overwhelmed seeing all the problems, I try giving him headphones with classical music to listen to. The music worked the best but some reason it isnt working as good now.


Something that helped my kids focus on math was if we tried “racing.” I’d bring out a couple of loads of laundry and say, “Let’s see who can finish first–you with your math, or me folding all this laundry. Ready…Go!” I’d make it so they could win if they stay focused. It seemed a lot less intimidating to my kids than a timer. Maybe something like that would help?

You might also try a change in environment–a room without a window or one where you can close the blinds or drapes for math time. Ask your son what distracts him and what would help him focus–it’s good for kids to be self-aware and realize what they need to help them as they grow.

Hang in there!

4 Likes is amazing if your son likes working on the computer. My daughter is 10 and just mastered her multiplication through 12s because of it. Math is a huge struggle for her too.

Try to make him comfortable with maths use some puzzles some table forming techniques and use rhyming fun to take his interest towards maths use some tutorial classes on the internet make everything creative. It would help you and while facing problem-related to Microsoft support you can check this MS Power Point Customer Service for the help.

I would check if there is a tracking issue. My dd had a difficult time with the numbers being too small and getting the place values correct on the paper. I re-wrote the problems on large graph paper, reduced the number of problems and–voila! she would get them correct every time.

Best to you, donna