Treating bug bites

This is totally unrelated to homeschooling, but I wanted to ask anyway. My 3 yr old is being eaten alive by bugs. Every day it’s seems, I find more on him. They’re on his legs, arms, and torso; and there are at least a dozen of them, maybe more. Are there any home remedies (or inexpensive alternatives) I can use to treat them and/or stop them from continuing?

One of my friends swears by using tea tree essential oil on them. She says if it is a bad one, like if they have been scratching at it, she will use it at full strength. Otherwise, she dilutes it 50/50. She just applies it directly to the bug bite.


Agree with this it works for us too.

Where can I get that? Do they sell it at stores or is it an online only thing?

I think my friend orders hers from Amazon, but I know I have seen it in several health food stores around here. A different friend went to some kind of party and bought some, too. I think it was like Pampered Chef or Tupperware, but for essential oils, maybe?

You can use witch hazel to make them stop itching. Just dab a little on the bite. Usually only one application will work. You can buy it in the first aid or skincare section of the drugstore or WalMart. Preventing them would be best but I wouldn’t recommend Off! Brand bug repellant. If you can find a natural spray repellant that contains citronella that would be better.

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You might look at “Badger Anti-Bug Shake and Spray”.
Our younger son is a “bug buffet” and this stops the problem. It has no DEET and is totally organic and natural with essential oils.
Their webpage:
When I signed up for their email I received a 15% off coupon.


There is also Tropical Traditions bug repellent it’s a lotion that is all natural and I love it. It really works. We went to Jamaica with a group of people everyone was using off and my family had our lotion. Everyone was laughing at us with our lotion but by the end of the trip everyone was begging to use it as we were the only ones who had no bites. :slight_smile: We also had a tea tree cream to put on in case of bites and everyone wanted to use that too.

Avon skin so soft!! We have used it forever. Keeps off ticks and mosquitoes… works wonderful and it it is basically baby oil. We put it in a spray bottle and rub some on whenever we go outside. The best part is I don’t have to worry about using it on the baby.

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+1 on the tea tree oil. We order from Amazon and personally like the Aura Cacia brand, but there are lots to choose from.

I agree - I treat all bug bites with tea tree oil.

Also - a friend recommended Creamy Baby Oil - to keep off bugs - so far it seems to be working.

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Is creamy baby oil the name of the product? Where would I find that in the store? Baby section or pharmacy?

Johnson and Johnson’s Creamy Baby Oil:

Here is a link for it on Amazon. - It even has it in a review: Mosquito repellent. I hope this helps! :smile:

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I use Just products, my mother is a consultant and she highly recommend them. They have tea tree oil and cream I have use the tea tree cream wich is so effective, too You can email them for a consultant in your area.

I’m surprized no one has mentioned baking soda or baking powder. If you take a little and mix it with water to make a paste, and apply it to a bite IN THE FIRST 15 minutes it will reduce the itchiness of the bit the entire time you have it. Won’t make the itch go away completely, but bites I’ve been able to tereat with baking soda right after I got them are noticeably less itchy than ones I didn’t treat.

Also, if you sometimes get reactions to bites putting baking soda paste on will also make it swell less. TWICE I’ve had two bites, gotten at almost the same, ONE I know by the same bug (was the only one it that hosue…everyone stopped getting bitten once we found and killed it)…and treated one and not the other, and only the untreated one swelled both times.

The stuff doesn’t do any good on old bites, but if you can catch them right away it really works wonders.

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