Transcripts for high school

My son is going to be high school next year and I was wandering if anyone knew anything about making your own transcripts? My oldest son went into our public high school when he was a freshman so I have not had to worry about that but now that I have to do it myself I’m not sure where to start. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi- You can go to Home School Legal Defense ( for sample transcripts. As a former homeschooler and now a college admissions counselor, I highly recommend this website. It has a lot of good information about curriculum, laws regarding college admissions and financial aid, etc.


Thank you so much! :smile:

@mommylove2015 I have two recommendations for services that I use.

  1. Lee Binz the Homescholar here’s the link

  2. My Homeschool Grades- this is an digital grade book. And it has the capability to generate a transcript based on the grades/input you enter into the system. here’s the link

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@MotherofMany Thank you so much. This will be very helpful!

I use Homeschool Tracker to keep up with everything, but due to the way my oldest son completed his classes (essentially 5 years’ worth of school in 4 years…starting a new course whenever the old one was finished, so not at the beginning of the school year), their transcripts didn’t really work for our needs. He needed a subject-based transcript rather than a transcript based off of school years. So I used the info. from Homeschool Tracker but then plugged it all into a template that I downloaded from I guess it worked - although I’ve had to send it 3 times, the Marine Corps hasn’t had a problem with it. :smile:

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