Transcript craziness

I have read and seen the comments on the Homeschooling through High School that Erica so graciously made for us.

But, I have a question how do you record your language arts for Transcript purposes?
We are using IEW, Fix It Grammar, and wrapped up Spelling You See in 9th grade. (Last year) Now we are in 10th grade and I am finalizing my documentation for 2017-2018 school year and am not sure if I should itemize each LA program or combine them as one and list the grade average.

Hi! I list it as main topic English, then under that header I list the curriculum we used so something like this:

English 1

  • IEW Fix It Grammar (whatever level)
  • Intro to Literature 1

Hope that helps! Erica

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On the transcript, I chose to combine all LA subjects into one English course. I don’t think colleges expect separate listings for grammar, spelling, and so on (also in my kids’ college courses, these topics are incorporated into their Freshman English courses.) Plus you really want to keep the actual transcript to a 1-page document if possible, and it gets rather full if you try to break down all the sub-parts. The only subject I separated was speech (because that’s commonly separated in our region and I wanted to show that we did a speech course.)

On the course descriptions (when I needed them), I provided the breakdown of what our courses covered. Most of our years were varieties of “Lit and Composition” but I did have one year that was heavier on mechanics (grammar, spelling). HTH!