Trail guide to learning/paths of settlement

Has anyone ever used this? I have twins at different grade levels so I like the idea of one curriculum taught over 3 grade levels/developmental learning levels. However, I am brand new to homeschooling and am completely overwhelmed. Any advice on where to start or reviews of this material would be appreciated. Thanks! I’m glad I have found coah!!!

I have not used this, but I was seriously considering it. We already bought sonlight for the fall though. I would be interested in what others think about trail guide. It looks like alot of fun!

I’ve looked into this as well but haven’t used it. I’d love to hear more too!

Hmm, it seems like no one on here has used this curriculum. Have you found out any info from other forums?

We have used it and liked it. The science is a Charlotte Mason approach. If you have specific questions I can try to answer them for you.

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I just started looking into this and it has sparked my interest for use maybe a few years from now (when my children are 3rd and 5th–they are currently going in to 1st and 3rd). Since my oldest two are only two years apart, I love the subjects we do together and capitalize on that opportunity when I can, so this looks appealing based on that aspect. The sample lesson I looked at already looks really interesting to me (sounds cheesy, but I loved the one-room-schoolhouse feel! :slight_smile: . I found a detailed review of it here:

Maybe that link will be helpful to some of you. I haven’t read the whole review yet but I am reading through it now. @pakmom , how long have you been using it? What ages are the children you are using it with? And what are your thoughts on the science portion? Thanks so much!

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I just wanted to post a quick update! I have been looking into this curriculum extensively since I last posted. I think I am going to make the switch from our eclectic curriculum to Trail Guide starting with Paths of Exploration next year. Thank you @Keo1530 for first mentioning this here! I had never heard of it before and I am SO glad I now know about it! I have joined their Yahoo group and gotten very helpful information there. Next school year my youngest will be old enough to start the lowest level with his older sister so I think we’ll begin then. I wish we could start this fall, but I know it will be better if we wait one more year so he is ready. Again, thanks! I have done tons of research on this curriculum over the last two weeks so if anyone wants to know more, feel free to send me a message or ask on here and I can point you to what I’ve found out!! :slight_smile:

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I apologize for my slow response. We used all 3 years of American history. My children were pre-K, 2nd, and 4th when we started the first year of it. Obviously, our pre-k mostly just listened in. I felt like for the ages they were, the science was sufficient. Hope that helps! I may be looking to sell mine if anyone is interested.

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Are you selling POE or POS? I’m interested! Do you have the junior readers by any chance?