Trail guide to learning paths of exploration

Any reviews on this curriculum? I’m wanting to combine some of my teaching for my 1st and 3rd graders but the science seems to light in Paths of Exploration and I can’t find very many reviews on this curriculum. Thanks for any advice!

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khollow, I have looked at this many times too, but never tried it. I couldn’t find many reviews either. I like that you can combine, and it is Charlotte Mason style, along with using some Ruth Beechick methods. Maybe check YouTube…I think I remember seeing a video review on there…

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Thank you for your response. I think I’ve decided to try it out this coming year. I’ll have to come back and review it if I do!

Yes, please let us know how it goes! :grinning:

We tried paths of exploration this year with my 3rd grade son. We couldn’t get past the first unit. He was bored with studying the same subject for six weeks. He needed more variety in his day. I thought it was a great program though but probably just wasn’t a great fit for my son. You would need to supplement science and maybe spelling. The spelling words seemed a little easy but I guess it would just depend what grade you plan to use it for.

I have a friend who used this and I think it looks awesome! You can do a lot of projects and I love how everything is woven together. I know her daughter absolutely loved it and they learned a lot!

Thank for your reply. I am worried about spending a whole 6 weeks on one topic and I am also concerned about the science. I did one year of mfw adventures with my kids older two and loved it but I didn’t like how much it jumped around so I wanted to do something similar but not exactly the same so I thought of trying trail guide. I hope I like it.

We are planning to use POE this coming year and have purchased both the regular and the Junior sets. We are really excited to use it. I love the gentle approach to language arts and I think it will be a great fit for both my older child who has learning disabilities and my younger child who leans towards gifted. The history and science resources are wonderful. Can’t wait to get started!!

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Thank you! This encourages me. I have a very similar situation. My older daughter is a slow learner and my younger daughter a fast learner. Hoping this will be an enjoyable year for all of us!

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Hi. Just curious to know what is POE?

Paths of Exploration. It’s the first series in the Trail Guide to Learning

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I love the look of the trail guide curriculum! If you do use it please come back and share how its going! I’m strongly thinking of it for the 2020-2021 school year for two of my kids. If you search for the blog, something like Werid unsocialized homeschoolers, she used the trail guide series and had great reviews of it.

I have it all purchased and I am planning on using it. I’ll come back and review it for those interested!

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