Tips on raising kids who love to read? Also, do you have a reading corner?

 How do you encourage your kids to read? I have a 2nd grader who is a very reluctant reader. It seems like she always wants to do the bare minimum. We go to the library often, everyone picks their own books, etc. I pick some too that will interest her. And yet, she never wants to read them or be read to. I'm just looking for any tips.

 Also, I would like to create a special reading space for all the kids. Does anyone have one? Would you mind telling me about it, or posting a picture?


We have always kept a little reading space. It has changed over the years but we try to keep a book shelf with her favorite book and some book we want her to read. We also put a fun standing lamp and a few pillows and a bean bag. Then decorate the area for the season or what ever she is into. Then we give her half an hour reading time in her reading space and she loves it. But we have had to make sure it stays a reading space not a play space.

I was given the advice to just keep trying. We do before nap time and before bed time for a start. Keep at it every day at the same time, whenever time you like and feel is a good time. Sometimes,when it came down to trying to get them to sit still and read with me, I would give them a few minutes, and if it didn’t improve, I’d try again another time.
I would love to create a reading space for my kids, but for now my kids share a room and we use my daughters bed with her big body pillow plopped behind our backs, getting comfy and cozy :smile:
I hope this helps.

I read to my kids at night before bed. You know how kids always try to stay up for a few more minutes, it means they are always asking “Can I have one more book?” I let my kids pick the books. We have a big bookshelf of children’s book and we snuggle up in bed for story time.
I think that it has given them a love for reading.

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Just following this so I can get some tips for the baby. :relaxed: (I’m trying to start off right by collecting good kids’ books–I’m even doing the nursery with a storybook theme!)

I go through phases with my 2nd grader… one moment he doesn’t want to read at all - then it’s only non-fiction that he has an interest in… then it’s only the sunny comics… next he will latch onto a series of fiction and I can’t get him to stop reading long enough to eat (or find more books in that series to keep it going) haha! I just make sure there are a lot of books around - different subjects and books that are in his age group… I’m always looking for books at thrift stores and at yard sales to build up our library. When we are in a down phase, then the reward chart comes out - reads for so many minutes or for each book, gets a star and after so many stars, he gets something that he wants… sometimes its a new book! :wink:

Oh - no reading corner here… we encourage reading anywhere and everywhere… :smile:

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I’m personally a “reader.” My mom said she could put me in the play pen with a couple of books and I’d be good to go for hours! Even now I read a ton!

But when I was in first and second grade I hated haaaaaaaated reading. That’s because I was expected to read and write book reports on picture books and I was (unknowingly) bored out of my mind.

Then my mom introduced me to the Babysittter’s Club books and in a year I had read all of the ones that had been published that far! After that Narnia and Little House books quickly followed.

It was that little change that made the difference for me. I just needed a challenge.

As the others said, just keep trying! Eventually you will find something that draws her in. For my son it was the Magic Treehouse series. Good luck! We do not have a special reading space.

There can be a lot of reasons why your child does not like to read. I had that same problem with my son for a long time and found out that he needed glasses and that his eyes lag when he is reading so it is frustrating. We just continued to work with him and now that he has glasses he is always reading. When I get my homeschool room built this spring, I am making a reading nook. It will have a bookcase with lots of books and beanbags for the kids to relax and sit and read on. I will be able to post a picture later. (It will have warm colors that invite relaxtion) so they are relaxed and focused when reading. I hope some of this helps you. Best of luck

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I have a new reader who is sometimes reluctant. I have implemented a new “20 minute a day” reading requirement where he can pick out any book he wants to read. (Even if we’ve already read it a million times) When he completes his 20 minutes a day he gets to put a marble in a jar and when the jar is full he gets a prize. (Lego kit.) I’m finding that as he reads more it’s getting easier and easier with less complaints.

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