Tips on How to Be a Lifelong Learner

Hello, everyone!

I’m writing a blog post for Demme Learning that will include tips from people on how to be a lifelong learner in August.

If you’re willing, I would love to include your comments in this thread in the blog post. This is a great way to come together as a community and help each other out. :smile:


Here’s one of my tips: When you start learning about something, start with a general source, and then start finding expert information about it and asking your friends who know it better than you do.

A recently example was when I realized that I forgot a lot about the Civil War. I started out by reading the wikipedia article, asking some historian friends questions, and watching Ken Burn’s Civil War documentary.

I believe to foster a love of Lifelong learning you simply have to find things your children are passionate about and they will be eager to learn. Almost any topic can cover all the fundamentals and if you love the topic you will not mind doing math, reading, writting, science, history or anything related to that topic! Plus your child will mostly likely study on a deeper level if it is something they are passionate about. My DD currently loves Butterflies, we have checked out library books, done the life cycle, planted a butterfly garden, observed butterflies in our backyard, went to a butterfly house at our science museum, painted butterflies, counted butterflies, done butterfly pattering, learned the body parts, acted like butterflies and we will continue until she finds a new unit that peeks her interest, then we will do the same thing.

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