Tip: Use refurbished ink in your copier

About two years ago I decided to try refurbished ink. It may also be called refilled ink (I don’t know if they are the same thing or not). I buy refurbished ink on Ebay and wow has it saved me a ton of money. I have an Epson copier and the ink is usually $25 each. For the refurbished ink it is now $10.50 (free shipping) for a ten pack. So I am paying $1 per cartridge. So I print and print and print all of the wonderful things that I find for homeschooling on the internet. I even print in color. The only difference using this ink is that when the cartridge is empty my copier says that it can’t recognize the ink instead of saying that the ink cartridge is empty. I just replace the ink and keep on printing.
This has been a huge money saver for us.


This is a great tip! It’s also better for the environment to use the recycled containers. So, if nothing else let’s all make sure to turn our empties in and don’t throw them into the trash. We take ours to the local Office Depot and they give us a credit for them.


I do the same thing! It saves a lot of money.

That is an awesome tip! I’m going to check out that. Thanks for sharing.

I want to buy refurbished ink off of ebay too but not sure who is legitimate or not. Can anyone recommend one for a Brother mfc j450dw printer? Thanks so much!


I always buy mine from house of toners on ebay and I’ve always gotten good ink x 3 years now.

I buy mine off Amazon and have never gotten bad ink. I print everything and save so much $$. I would find the ones you need and then check the reviews. Hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

Hi @Jenny, thanks for the referral. I ordered from them and now waiting to get them. Thanks for the suggestion! I was skeptical to order any ink off ebay but really didn’t want to pay an arm and leg for the brand name stuff unless I had to. :neutral_face:


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Thanks for the tip! Ink is so expensive! Can’t wait to try this!