Tip Tuesday: Laminating Tips!

Hey guys, this tip Tuesday is all about how to save money when laminating your homeschool stuff.

My first tip is to make sure you really need to laminate the in the first place. Some things you might be able to stick in a page protector and use with a dry-erase marker. Others might just not need to be laminated at all. Especially if it won’t be re-used by other students.

The next tip is to double up on your laminating! See how in the post below!

Hope this helps some of you!!
Erica :smile:

Thank you for sharing these tips. I have a habit of laminating anything I can. I love laminating almost as much as using my label maker. ;-). One issue I’ve also experienced is when I get my new curriculum, I will laminate as much as possible. Then I realize a few weeks in that the child was supposed to color those cards, but now they can’t because they’re laminated.