TIP: Laminate two pages at once and save $$!

Homeschooling can use a lot of paper and lamination! But I’ve found a way to save on both!

  1. Put two printed pages back to back, so that the blank sides are touching, and the printed sides are facing out.
  2. Run them through the laminator together.
  3. Cut the pages apart carefully along the edges to separate.
  4. Voila! Two pages laminated on the front sides only!

This way they’re still durable, but you got two laminated for the price of one!


Fabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

Yes! This works wonderfully. I used this for my math drills, and we just use dry erase markers to do the work. Saves on photocopies and laminating!

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Love that idea. I have done that same thing but had similar pages and kept together.

Such a good tip! Laminating sheets get pricey!