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Thoughts on History from My Fathers World Family Cycle

Those that have use the family cycle, how do you feel about the history portion? I am considering dropping streams of civilization or just not reading the advanced portion. I’ve even considered swapping it for remember the days by Biblioplan. The history feels very fast, outside of Egypt and Rome. We are having a hard time remembering things/making connections. Is this normal? Is this part of the process? Or is this just not a good fit for us? We very much enjoy the Bible, science, Latin, hands-on activities, literature. Feeling confused about the way their history is presented. I assumed it should be more fluid/connected. Maybe it’s supposed to be like this on purpose because it’s part of some development for these children at this age?? I get very lost and confused and frustrated with the History. I would feel better knowing that this is normal for this age. Trying to decide if we will stay or switch. Thank you!

Hi Jenn, we gave up on MFW years ago. At first it seemed like a great curriculum, but the truth is that we felt it was either way above our younger kids ages or too easy for older kids. I think there are some things you can do as a group, but on the whole it just didn’t feel like a good fit for any of the ages of our kids at the time. Other subjects like Lang. Arts and English were not very thorough in my opinion either. Instead of trying to use make MFW fit for us we purchased curriculum that fit our individual needs and in the end it was less expensive than purchasing everything they suggested. Some things we do together, some my kids do independent of each other. You can see what we use for each subject/grade here:

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Erica! That was very helpful and greatly appreciated!