Thoughts on curriculum choices for 1st time Homeschooler?

I am going to be honeschooling my 7-year old daughter for the 1st time this Fall (2nd grade). Here is what I am tentatively thinking of using…I appreciate any feedback/experience you may have with any of these choices! My daughter is a high-ability learner.

Sonlight Core B… I love the literature based curriculum, but am a little unsure as I will need to supplement the religion as we are Catholic and have heard the LA is weak…will piece together with more advanced readers

Nancy Larson Science

Shiller Math

Voyages in English

Artistic Pursuits

Various Catholic religion resources

Rosetta Stone Spanish (still need more research on this)

All About Spelling and Reading

I really appreciate any feedback anyone may have!

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@MissSully WOW! That list looks like a HS veteran picked it! Great job! You chose very solid books. Your curriculum will really give your daughter a solid foundation and lay the ground to build on the knowledge in the upcoming years.

That would personally be a bit much in my opinion, but it could work out very well for you! If it was my child, I would nix the all about spelling and reading…and spanish (but that’s because a foreign language isn’t important to me at a young age).
If it works for you - great! Just make sure your child isn’t getting burned out. We also do sonlight btw. Great curriculum!


Hi there @MissSully! Thanks for posting your choices for feedback! My daughter just finished second grade yesterday actually :slight_smile: We have used some of the same resources you are planning to use as well and some things we have used from other companies, but the same subjects in general. I think it looks like you have a full but solid schedule planned! I also tend to teach a lot of subjects, but I find that when they are laid out well and planned in advance, it’s amazing how much you can accomplish! We don’t use Sonlight (although that was more of a cost decision for us–their resources look FANTASTIC!!), so I glanced at their Core B briefly to compare what it already includes to the list of other subjects you listed to see what, if any overlap I could see, and it looks to me like you have a great coverage of all subjects! I am, by NO means, an expert–we are only heading into our 4th year of homeschool this summer. But if it helps at all, this past school year in second grade, my daughter covered these subjects (if this helps for reference at all):
Bible, Handwriting, Math, History, Science, Geography, Foreign Language (Chinese), Reading (AAR), Spelling (AAS), Grammar (two different programs), Art (also Artistic Pursuits), and Social Studies. In addition, she had numerous independent reader books and we had read alouds every evening.

We never covered more than 7 school subjects in one day though. I hope this helps for reference. I think this list you gave looks great! I’m sure you’ll know each day how much she’s ready for and how much you can handle. But subject-wise it looks great. I have heard wonderful things about Nancy Larson Science and Voyages in English–both have been on my mind for some time–I would love to hear how you like them once you get into them! :slight_smile: Best wishes and have a wonderful year!!!