Thorough but not time consuming math and Language

I am looking for a 3rd grade language program that is thorough but not time consuming (not Abeka)
I am also looking for a 4th grade Math program that is thorough but not time consuming.
Any suggestions?
I need something that I can spend about 5 minutes teaching and then they can get on with it while I help my younger children.
Thank you

No advice for the math program, but have you looked at Growing with Grammar? I haven’t used it, but it’s supposed to be “short and sweet.”

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Thank you for this suggestion. It is something I can note down to look for when I go to the conference this week. :slight_smile:

I also recommend Growing with Grammar. Cheap and to the point. It is only grammar. I love Shurley Grammar, it does focus on writing too. Great jingles or songs that make grammar stick. It does involve more teacher time. I think Excellence In Writing might be good-affordable. Watch video do short lesson. I haven’t tried it. It covers grammar and writing. I have tried lots of math curriculum. I like Math U See. Watch video do a page of math. Not so many problems. Little time needed from mom. I think Teaching Textbooks is another good option. I have not used it. It is more for independent students. Again less mom time.

I agree that Growing with Grammar looks like it could be a great option and I was going to look at EIW also. I love the idea of someone else doing the teaching with the place we are at right now. I don’t have time to teach anything too time consuming on top of all the grades I am teaching and some of my other curriculum choices will take more time than usual. That’s why I need math and LA to be solid and sweet. :wink:

For Math - we like Math Mammoth! The instructions are written to the student in the “workbook” and then they do a set of problems to apply the lesson. Most days, my 2nd and 5th grader nearly independently.

I’ve been looking for a similar language arts solution. Some things I’ve considered are CLE, CTGE, BJE English and Rod and Staff Spelling. I’m not sure these all qualify as “short,” but they can be fairly independent.


Essentials in Writing does the teaching on a video and then has corresponding lessons to complete. It wouldn’t take much of your time. It incorporates grammar and writing.

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For Math Mammoth, how do you buy what you want? I looked it up and could only find the light blue series. I seem to remember there being a lot of different ‘colours’ to choose from but I can’t seem to find them on the site anymore.

The Light Blue Series is the complete curriculum for a grade level. The other colors allow you to pick and choose specific topics - say multiplication, for instance, and just buy a unit on that skill set. For instance, this year, my 2nd grader did Singapore 2 A and B, but I got Math Mammoth’s Addition supplement to help her learn her basic facts.

Here’s a link to the Light Blue Series:

Christian Light Publications for math! I can usually teach a lesson in under 10 minutes, including her 2 minute speed drill. She then does the “we remember” work on her own. Really thorough. We thought about switching to Teaching Textbooks next year, but my older daughter was adamant about sticking with CLP so we are!

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We are currently using CLE Math and I was going to go with something else for my older DD but we are going to stick it out. :slight_smile: Thank you for confirming.