The Good and the Beautiful?

Is it complete/enough? We are using AAR/AAS. Can they be replaced by TG&B or is TG&B more of a supplement w/ grammar? I do have 2 struggling readers and one struggling speller. AAR/AAS have worked wonderfully, but I am needing to add grammar to our 3rd grade year and thought TG&B sounds wonderful (all inclusive - simplicity). I am worried the phonics/spelling won’t be enough. Would love to hear from others who have used this curriculum - how you have liked it or if you haven’t - what you thought about each component of LA - Thank you!

Hi I don’t know much about TG&B, but you could look into First Language Lessons and choose the level you think would work for your children. I used this with my daughter and it is a gentle approach, I also tweaked the lessons a bit, the poem memorization drove her crazy, so we don’t do that. I also made wall charts for reviewing grammar rules everyday, hope this helps. We also use AAS.

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We used TG&B for the first time this year and we loved it. They get lots of grammar. I’d say spelling is similar to AAS as they introduce a rule and then focus spelling words that use that rule type thing. My kids don’t mind it at all. Right now I used it for my 8 & 9 year old. This next year they will use it again and I will also be getting it for my 4 & 6 year olds. I suggest looking at the free PDF version. But from someone who uses AAR/AAS and then went to TG&B, it worked. Good luck.