The Good and The Beautiful for History

Hi! Has anyone used this for history? I am trying to decide between it or HOD. I have 3 little boys (8,6,3) and worried that HOD will get to be too much/overwhelming. I like the concept of teaching the boys together w/ TGTB 3x week and Science 2x week (minimalistic)… but I LOVE how integrated Science, History & Bible are w/ HOD. Anyone have any advice/help? Thank you!

I know nothing about The Good and Beautiful, but I just recently watched a beautiful review of it on YouTube (by ?? Salty Tribe??) It looks beautiful, inspiring and simple… I’m intrigued by it and would look into it closer, but we are secular - not sure how it would work for us, but aside from that, I love what I see! Maybe check out the the reviews by ?Salty Tribe? on YouTube.

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I suspect you have made you decision by now, but for others that may be researching I thought I would add my 5 cents worth. I am using it with my 7 year old. We do love it. It is beautifully presented, very little prep required, and uses several means of learning (story book, audio stories, notebooking and the game). What really drew me to it was that it studied 4 different eras in history rather than a whole year on ie: ancients. But it isn’t perfect (which curriculum is?). For example in the middle ages it allocates 3 lessons on Joan of Arc and only one on general life in the Middle Ages. So it covers some things in depth and some skimmed. But some topics are to be covered in other years eg; the crusades.To me, its great for the younger years but it would probably take some supplementing for older years I think. So I do really like it and will probably order level 2. Hope someone finds that helpful.

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This is helpful to me!
We have used Beautiful feet books for Early american history, and we loved it! Truly. Then we switched to Sonlight core c+b which is world history, its good, but I have tweaked it soo much to make it fit to us.
Anyways, next year we are going back to BFB and doing history of the horse for my 8 and 9 year olds, but am thinking about maybe adding in TGATB because it will be easy to implement, and can be used on the other two days we dont do BFB.

How intense is the course work would you say? Whats the average daily time it takes you to get through a lesson?

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I am using it with my 7 year old and it takes about 30 minutes a lesson, all going well. I am very tempted by Beautiful Feet, but also looking into America’s Story by Master Books. We are not Americans so wondering about spending so much time on that aspect of history, but so many great books to read to supplement it, I am tempted.