Teaching the visually impaired student

Hello Everyone. Is there anyone here who home schools their visually impaired student(s)? My youngest son has low visually acuity, and although we aren’t formally teaching him now, I would like to be able to. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hi there, I too have a visually impaired son. He isn’t quite ready for home school yet either but we try to include him as much as possible. We do a lot of audio books. We have worked on some braille but just simple words so far. we have a light box we use for numbers and letters as well. Not sure if this will help but maybe some ideas for you.

Are you familiar with DCMP (described and caption media program)? It is a website that is free for those with or teaching those with hearing or visual difficulties. They have a lot of videos that have auditory description that might be of use to you. They also just added a lot of regular programing like Bill Nye, Daniel Tiger, and others. If you haven’t already signed up the website is dcmp.org.