Teaching the Classics

Has anyone used this? What age? I’m very interested but looking for more information. Thanks!

I have and I love it! You can use it with any age. You actually start with using picture books no matter what age because it makes it easier to understand the different parts of the book. The questions in the back are a gold mine for reading aloud too. Once you understand the process you can apply it to any reading and have a great discussion that isn’t, I liked it haha. I have the reading roadmaps from them too. It is useful, but not necessary. It lays out books to read and at what ages and the answers to protagonist, antagonist, plot and other story elements. They are coming out with a new edition any day now. So if you decide to get it you might want to wait.

Thanks for input! Would you recommend Reading Roadmaps? I have been looking at that too. Or can you wing it without it?