Teaching Textbooks

Have any of you used TT all the way through high school? I’m curious to know if it would teach enough to have a sound knowledge of math for highschool testing and college. My daughter(4th grade) is using TT5 and loves it. We still add some extra practice to it, because I think it is a bit slower than other programs. Overall though I really like it and am considering it for my son who will be in 3rd grade in the fall. I’d just like to hear from some of you that use it too. Thank you!

Love to hear input on this as well. I purchased Teaching Textbooks 7 for use next year. We have not used this before.

Daughter used 6 this year and it is great. Her math has greatly improved since using it. We have 7 for next year

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My children have used TT 3-6, and Alg2, Geometry and my Pre-Cal. The only thing my daughter hoped was that the Pre-Cal had auto grading she had to wait for me to grade it. :worried: This fall, I believe they are coming out with auto-grading for the Pre-cal, so my dd16 insists I upgrade with their hybrid program (which is a GREAT program). All my children really seem to enjoy TT and my HSers had no problems on their state tests, so it definitely covers what they need to know as far as standards-wise. HTH