Teaching one subject per day

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Is there anyone here who teaches one subject per day? There are subjects like bible and reading we would do everyday but wondered about breaking everything else up to once a week. I’d love to know how you do it and plan it out! Thanks in advance!!!

Hello! Yes we have been doing it that way this year, at least most of the time! We have a pretty relaxed homeschool so I plan on doing each subject formally one day a week. Since of course everything is a learning experience I find in one way or another we cover the basics most everyday! Then somedays the kids surprise me and ask to do certain subjects! So sometimes we do them more than once! My kids are young (1st and K) so at least this year here is what we did for our formal planned lessons- math-Mon, reading and library day-Tues, writing-Wed, Thursday we were off as we had other activities that day. Friday I alternated our unit study, which was our body this year, science, and geography or sometimes we took field trips. We also school year round so we just work in our books until we finish them and then move on to the next level which means they last usually over a year not working in them everyday but I am ok with that and the slower pace. We also play a lot of games and we are outside pretty much everyday! I hope that helps! Feel free to ask any other questions.

Hi! Thank you so much for taking time to respond! We just switched to a year round schedule this year :slight_smile: I am intrigued by focusing on one subject a day with my kids. It seems like it might be easier on my son (8yo) to not switch gears for every subject every day.

I’d love to know more about how you schedule your week. For example, how many lessons of each subject do you do on that subject’s particular day? Really any tips you’re willing to give on scheduling would be appreciated! I’m wanting to try this before our year is over so I can get an idea if it’ll work or not for the new school year :joy:. Thanks again for your insight!! I appreciate it!!

We’ve done science, geography, history and literature once a week and it worked well. Now we do both geography and science on Monday and Tuesday, history on Wednesday and literature on Thursday. These are all subjects we do together as a group. We do spelling, grammar, writing or handwriting, math and foreign language almost every day and most of these are done individually.

We do something similar. Math and LA every day, but I rotate Science and History. Science on Mon, Wed, Friday, and History on Tues, Thurs. Works well for us.

For one of my children, that worked perfectly. We did Bible and a read-aloud daily, but then chose one subject a day. We would do History one day, then Science, then Language Arts, then Math. We would make one day a week a fun day with either a field trip or art. She was the type of child who would much rather delve deeply into a subject for a couple of hours and always felt cheated when I would stop a subject and move on to the next. As she grew older and math work more challenging, we added math to the daily work but still focused on one subject per day. She is in college now and she continues her studies in the same manner: she only studies one subject a day and focuses intensely on it. (She is doing fine in college, by the way!)

Best to you! donna

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I’d love to be able to do one subject a day with my son. He seems to do better focusing on one subject at a time. The down side might be spending a whole day on a subject he doesn’t like. I’ll have to try it out and see how he does. Thanks for all the input!!