Teaching cursive to a left handed child

My daughter is left handed, and has started cursive handwriting this year. We are doing ok but it is challenging for her, and she refuses to slant her paper. Do you know of any left handed cursive workbooks or have any advice for a left handed student?

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My mom (a lefty) offered me this advice for my lefty daughter, “If she’s frustrated by the slant or asks for help show her how to turn the paper, otherwise let her write. She’s been writing with her left for a few years now I’m sure she can figure it out.”

My daughter has better handwriting than me now, and I never made her hold the paper a certain way.

I have a lefty too and she never liked to slant the paper the way the curriculum showed it to be, nor did she hold her pencil the same way. She can write beautifully, although she doesn’t always do it.
I did show her the proper way of doing it but she would always do what felt best to her. And to be honest, although not a lefty, I do what feels right to me also.

Thank you ladies. I needed to hear that it is ok to let her do it her way, and just guide and suggest gently as time goes on. I do worry about wrist fatigue, because she has a tendency to “hook” at times. Thank you for your support and guidance.

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My youngest is left handed. We found the whole page-slanting thing drove her crazy! (Actually my right-handed son felt the same!) A few things that did help

–I sat across from her and asked her to mirror me when teaching a new letter
–We used systematic writing instructions from Logic of ENglish
–She LOVED this system of writng utensils and it really has helped her comfort in writing.
Leftys has notebooks just for left handers.

Blessings! donna


Thank you so much. Will check it out.