Summer Bucket List

Alright, time to start listing those fun, creative, unique, friendly on the wallet summer activities!! I know there are MANY ideas on Pinterest but let’s be realistic…not everything gets checked off that 100 list of summer activities…if you do…High Five!! :wink: Let’s narrow it down here…name the top 3 or 5 activities that are a SUMMER HIT!!! So good they’ve become a tradition!! Also, got a preteen boy in my mix…any suggestions for those creatures?? :wink: Thanks everyone!!!

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1- Swimming at the Aquatic Center / Swimming Lessons
2 - Camping / Fourwheeling
3 - Sand Dunes Trip
4 - Museum trip / or city tour
5 - Summer Reading


Water balloon fights

outdoor movie/drive in

sandwich dinners outdoors


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  1. Camping
  2. Hiking and daytrips
  3. Visit the zoo and museum where we are members…get a good use out of those memberships!
  4. Get the house unpacked and organized (bc we just moved!) But either way summer is great for organizing!
  5. Take some instate road trip vacations!
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One thing that we are thinking of doing this summer is to dedicate some time to improve my little one writing skills, maybe one week dedicated to have fun writing…

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Water Balloon fights. Usually the cousins divide into teams, led by the 14 and 11 year old boys.
Outdoor movies. On a clear night, move the tv outside and set up a movie night on the lawn.
Cheap Movies at the Theater - our movie theaters do a $2 kids movie weekly during the day. It’s not a new release, but it’s free air conditioning and a treat to get out of the house!
Ice Sledding Around here, the kids get huge blocks of ice and go ‘sledding’ down hills until the ice melts.


Ice sledding! How fun! I never heard of it.

Woah!! Ice sledding in Summer!!! Sounds like a definite tradition!! :slight_smile:

Museum of Science
Swimming practice
Learn new cooking skills

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I like the new cooking skill :slight_smile: