Suggestions for games to practice math facts

I’m looking for suggestions for games to make practicing math facts fun. + - x divide.

Either one you make or buy.

Besides Pinterest (where we find plenty to make) we love “times attack.” There is a free version you can download on your computer and it’s been great for my kids ages 9, 7. They love it and have learned so much from playing. I limit it to 15-20 min/per day though or they’d play it all day.

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My son loves the game war, so for the last set of addition facts he needed to memorize, I made up a set of Toy Story (his current fav) addition facts cards (nothing elaborate, just a fun Toy Story picture on the cards to make it more fun :o) ). Each card had an addition fact, and whoever had the highest sum won the round. We also did some online practice with the timed drills on the MUS website, plus some couch cushion jumping (with flash cards) to get him moving. We don’t have a trampoline or anything, so we just took the cushions off the couches and scattered them around the floor for him, and after each fact he got right he jumped to the next cushion. I’ve signed him up for but haven’t used it yet, but that may be another resource. HTH!

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We like Tri-FACT-a here for addition/subtraction facts. The kids will play it happily just for fun.

I also really like the Times Tales and Addition the Fun Way, Times Tables the Fun Way. Those are books, not games, but they use stories to help kids remember the facts.

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If you are looking for printed games, there’s a lot of resources at Teachers Pay Teachers.
Adventures Undersea is a game for the iPad we use, and my kids love it. There’s a game for each process + - x division. We use the free version.
But what we use every day are flashcards. These are two games we play:
Capture the card: Show a flashcard to your child. If he answers correctly within 3 seconds, he captures the card. If he cannot, the card is for you. He wins if he can capture more cards than you. If you are playing with more than one child, the winner is the one who captures more flashcards.
Giant Step: The child gets to the back of the room and pretend to be a giant. Show flashcards and listen for him to answer correctly. He gets to take a giant step each time he answers correctly. Continue until “the giant” gets to the front of the room.

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@bttrflynthesky We use the Math-u-see program, which includes the optional skip count music CD. My daughter learns well when music is involved, so she learned to skip count by singing the songs. That may explain why we’ve done so much better than I expected in multiplication. LOL

I love this. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I"m definitely going to play this with my daughter.

Love it. My daughter will love these.