Studying USA Geography

I am looking to have my children practice and learn USA geography and I am looking for some new resources.
We have Road Trip USA by COAH, CD with songs about States and Capitals, and I know there is a license plate game which also helps children to memorize the States and Capitals.
Do you know of or have any other resources you like?
Thanks in advance!

My kids love Stack the States 1&2 . They each have Kindles and they play that game the most. as a result even my 3 year old can identify where the states are located. :slight_smile: Its really amazing


Same here! We are using Trail Guide to US Geography and my kids enjoy it. Stack the States is such a great game and really reinforces it! We also play Scrambled States the board game. They are learning so much!


Thank you @EmilyP and @Lindsay for these suggestions! I will certainly look into these! :sunflower:

Hi @GC123! I wanted to second what @Lindsay suggested with Trail Guide to US Geography! We are using the entire Trail Guide to Learning curriculum this year (Paths of Exploration), and I highly recommend GeoMatters in general! For younger students, they also have Cantering the Country. Also, a somewhat new resource (I think it’s newer on the market?) is Drawing Around the World: USA. It looks like a lot of fun! Another resource we have used is Smart About the Fifty States. We used this along with Adventures in America, which is an American History program but includes state study and mapping in every lesson. There are also simple crafts (that are actually do-able!) and great read aloud suggestions. Again though, this is more history-based, but it also includes the state study pages. That’s all I can think of for now! :slight_smile:


@Lindsay Thank you for mentioning these games! I had not heard of either of them. We are moving into state studies next school year and games to reinforce what we are learning will help us a lot!

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So glad to know you like these also @Forchristandkids! Also, thank you for the great suggestions. I can’t wait to look into them all!

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We had fun with the Stack the States iphone app, and we also bought 2 copies of a world map and then cut one up. I then had the students use the cut up one like a puzzle, they could use the big one as a guide if they needed help. That can really help with state placement and you can also use them as flashcards for review if they have the state capitals or abbreviations on them :slight_smile:


I like that idea so much! I’m definitely going to try it! Thanks @erica! :sunflower: