Struggling with Vocabulary

My daughter is working at a 4th - 5th grade level and has some reading comprehension issues as well. We tried Wordly Wise, which for a typical child may work great, but for Brooke’s learning challenges, it was too difficult. We need to work on vocabulary to help with reading, but I haven’t found a program that is “easy” enough for her to understand, while still providing some challenges.

We use Soaring with Spelling, which includes definitions, but it isn’t really vocabulary focused. Any suggestions what else to consider? Ideally, each word has ONE definition because we have issues with understanding context. ALL HELP AND SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED :slight_smile:


Hi Kathi, vocabulary can be so frustrating! For my daughter, who is somewhere around the 4-6 level in most things, IEW has been a big help (slowly). She is using IEW Themed-Based Writing, each lesson has suggested vocabulary words for the writing portion. The goal is to rewrite the source text adding some of the vocabulary words, strong verbs, LY words etc. You could use this as intended, as a writing program or just try to see if she could add the vocabulary words (you could do this with any source and you pick the vocabulary words).

I just remembered I also have (but have not used) a book called Vocabu Lit. We started the IEW first, but we will use it this spring. I think the link is for book D which is what I bought for her, it is a “4th grade” level. I’m not sure where I purchased ours from, but this site had several sample pages. There are definitions in the back of the book, mostly just one, sometimes two. I liked it because the words were all from a passage of a book such as Charlotte’s Web.
Good Luck, vocabulary drives me crazy, I’ve definitely found that for us we need to take it slow.

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One of the best ways to work on vocabulary is through reading aloud and talking about some of the words and expressions. Use the words in daily speech (you can always restate something the way books sometimes do, to help a child understand harder words–sometimes as I read aloud I did this too). Challenge your child to learn a new word each day and then try to use it as many times as she can that day (my husband used to do this with the kids and they loved trying to find ways to use a new word).

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I was just wondering how vocab- lit was working for you? is it something they can do by themselves? do you have to have the tm?

Do you think it would make a difference if you dropped down a level or two in Wordly Wise? I only ask because several people have told me that they usually drop down one level. We started it this year and I just went one level lower for my kids to try and have it not be too challenging. For them - so far it has worked. Wish I could be more help on other programs. Best of luck!

We dropped down two levels (to second grade) which worked fine, but when we completed it and moved to grade 3, we hit a wall and it just got too complicated for her. I think Wordly Wise is a great program for typical developing kids, but for those with learning struggles, it is a little too difficult.

so sorry for the long delay! In my mind I responded to you. No, you do not need the TM. My child is older and able to read the text without difficulty and is able to follow the direction, so no, she does not need my help.

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