Story of the World (Pictures)

I’ve decided to jump in and get try “Story of the World,” even though I’m not sure how my child will do with stories without pictures (still waiting on materials to come).

But I thought, maybe someone else has drawn pictures to some of these (or your children have) and maybe we could share these with each other. Not sure how to add photos here (or if we even can) but maybe we could start a pinterest board or put them up on flickr or something? Ideas? Anyone Interested?

We didn’t do this with Story of the World, but with another history program, but we did something similar with colored chalk on a chalk board just using stick figures and simple illustrations when my children were young (they still are :slight_smile: . My daughter was not an auditory learner at all (which I had no idea about until we started into the lesson material and she could not narrate back to me anything I had just read to her whatsoever). Once I started drawing the story out as I read it, her first comment to me on the first day doing this was, “Mom! Now I don’t hate history anymore!” Lol! :slight_smile: She and her little brother LOVED this method! When we finished, they really enjoyed getting to go back through the story and see if they could retell it to me just using the chalk drawings on the board for guidance! And it was great review for them. Sometimes they even made me leave it up until evening (if we didn’t need the board the rest of the day) so they could tell it to Daddy at the end of the day :slight_smile:

I have also seen a method where you give the child a notebook and divide each page in half along the middle (top half and bottom half) and let them draw in one half of the page each time you read a story (in order to keep their work to a minimal area) and they can choose part or one “scene” of what you are reading to illustrate. Then the next time you read, they draw in the next half of the page and go from there, working through the notebook. By the end of the year, they have a notebook full of illustrations from the history readings. I wish I could remember the blog I saw this on, I would link it here! So sorry! I hope these ideas are somewhat helpful!

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