Storing Abeka Phonics Learing Games

I am using the Abeka K5 phonics learning games. There are many small pieces to which I will need to apply re-useable self adhesive. I cannot figure out how to store all the pieces once I’ve applied the self adhesive.

I put the game boards/charts in page protectors and store them in a 3 ring binder. I laminate all the small pieces and apply adhesive magnet (we use a magnetic whiteboard when playing a game). I keep each game pieces in different ziploc bags labeled with the games’s title and number of pieces. I got this idea from Growing in grace.

Love this! Thank you.

I laminated all of them, cut them out, and put the pieces in small ziploc bags. I then put 1-3 games (large page and small pieces) in a file pocket and have them stored in my filing cabinet. I like the page protector idea, but the way I have them works pretty well.

My daughter plays with them flat on the table. We don’t have a magnetic board or any room for vertical placement.

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