Sticker sheet scenes

Would anyone be interested in splitting up a couple of packs of sticker scenes with me? I need at most 4 and they are sold in packs of 12. If you aren’t familiar with sticker scenes they are a great way to keep a busy ones sitting still during readings or while you’re helping older siblings with work.

Do you perhaps have a link or a picture of what they are? How much do they run?

So here is the link… They have over 200 options and range from $3-$10 (per 12). So if anyone would be interested it would be at most $1 per page+sticker sheet (anticipating shipping to everyone so that’s how I got the $1 amount). I like the “locations” ones best (we will be doing Sonlights “The Things people do”) and I thought it would be fun activity to go along. But I’m also up for Jesus ones too. :slight_smile:

I’m interested but don’t see the link LOL

That’s because I forgot to post the link :blush:

LOL That is something I would do LOL. Yes, I would be interested in spending up to $6

Okay! Any in particular you like? How many kids would be using the sheets? Need doubles?

I have 3 kids (ages 9, 6 and 2). I don’t think I want doubles because that way they can have some different choices. Unless that makes it harder in ordering. I’m fine either way LOL

I too would like a variety. That’ll be hard to get though without others joining in. I was hoping to be able to purchase 5 different “sticker scenes”. But we would at least need 5 mommas to go in on it.

I am interested also. I have 3 kids.