Starting school tomorrow!

We are beginning school tomorrow!!! I think I’m mostly prepared. I’m nervous and excited! Any last minute tips or words of wisdom to share? I’m using Bookshark so the planning is technically done but I am still reviewing everything to make sure familiar with what the heck I’m doing. School room is setup. We’re going to take photos in the morning. Ahhhhhhhh! Just me and my four kids. What could go wrong? :smiley:

Anyone else beginning this week?


We are also beginning this week. I have a 4th and a 9th grader this year so starting this week slowly!
I wish you the very best of luck! I think you & your kids are going to LOVE it! :grinning:


Thank you! I really hope so but good grief I hate jumping in not knowing! Obviously we think overall this is the right thing for us but I’m so curious to see how each day unfolds!!! I’m trying to keep my own expectations low. :grin:

And best wishes to you too! Mine are 7, 5, 3 and 1 (ages not grades).


It sounds like you’re all set and ready to go! I’m only beginning our second year, so I’m no pro, but my best advice (which was acquired from many, MANY other “expert” homeschoolers): if one day goes poorly (or one week… or heck… even an entire MONTH!) don’t give up, don’t worry, and don’t beat yourself (or your kids) up. There will be many ups and downs during the year. Even when you think you’ve got a handle on all of it, everything can crumble… AND THAT’S OKAY! There is ALWAYS time to start fresh an hour later… or a day later… or after the weekend :slight_smile: I’m WAY type A and OCD - not traits that always lend themselves well to an environment with children, but the point is to have fun, learn, and love. It’s bound to be a great year! Focus on the good… and sweep the bad away. :slight_smile: We start next week… CAN’T WAIT! Good luck with your first week - let us know how you do! :slight_smile:


Excited for you! I’m starting next week (Sep 1st). Most public schools around us don’t start until Sep 9. Yikes!

I am starting home school on the 2nd of September. My words of advice would be that you got this!! It always takes a couple weeks to get into the groove of things, but it will all fall into place and the natural will kick in.

We are also starting today! I am so excited for you and your kiddos!! I know you’ll love it…you sound like you already do! :wink: It’s only our 2nd yeat too, but I agree with the other mamas. You’ll definitely have ups and downs and no amount of planning will prepare you for some of the things that pop up!! But that’s the great thing about it…you can start fresh each day or week and try, try again!! Lots of prayers to ya and just remember to enjoy it!! :smile:

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@triton17 we start next week as well:) so much has happened this summer I need to call you!

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Thanks ladies! It has been a little bit of a rough start but we’re wading through. We stopped for lunch at 11:15. ha. We didn’t start until 10, that’s another story. My 1 year old is teething her canine/cuspid teeth so she screeched/cried most of the morning. And my husband is out of town until Thursday. Woooo! lol I’m trying to remember the big picture and not stress. :smile:

Good luck to all of you in your first days and weeks!

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2nd day of online homeschooling, 6th grader not grasping NOTHING…literally…already made my 1st grader cry, very uncomfortable computer chair…up till 11pm last night due to my 6th grader not getting it…yep…not a good start at all. And we can’t afford to take a few days off since it’s online public school :-/ Seriously wish I didn’t care so much about my kids education and just felt fine with them in public school…

I would say to take it easy on your kiddos. It takes a bit to get back in the swing of things, especially if you took time off over the summer. It’s like they forget everything, so the first few weeks are usually review and relearning just to get everyone back on track.

Also, do you HAVE to do the online public school program? If it’s not a state requirement, you might consider switching to something better suited to your families needs. If your child didn’t get it in regular school, they will probably continue having troubles with it at home too. I’m not sure what your requirements are, but its just something to consider. :smile:

Hang in there too, sometimes it’s just an adjustment period getting used to doing school work again after break too.



Sorry @HSintheCity! That is my worst fear but from what I hear it’s not uncommon. Hang in there and hope you get into a groove that works for you and the kids.

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We started Monday too!! So far it’s been good! We are taking it slow :slight_smile: I don’t think we’ve started before 11:00 and break for lunch an hour later haha! Luckily we are doing kindergarten and preschool this year!

Good luck!!


Thank you Erica…due to money I had to go this route. I had the curriculums picked out after much seeking but failed on my part to save up. I’m not disciplined enough to use curriculums that require so much printing & prepping & create my own schedule along with it too :-/ Have purchased multiple curriculums from you but haven’t sat down to print, laminate & organize! :wink: But hopefully will!!! I definitely apologized to my son tonight & will be letting up on subjects that I know hold no interest to him! Main focus: Math, reading & writing :slight_smile: I know online isn’t permanent so I got to learn to just chill :slight_smile:

Thanks mama!! :wink: Definitely got to find my groove!!!

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Sounds familiar! :smile:

I just wanted to encourage you ladies who just started this year! I am still new to this as well- (as last year was our first homeschooling year.) We had great difficulty just starting our day at a decent hour! And I got a lot of resistance from one child and a lot of distraction from my baby girl! Honestly it was rough straight through from September to January! HOWEVER, the second half of the school year was great! I think it really just takes a big chunk of time to find your groove, and for both you and your kids to get into a routine and for you both to learn how to teach in a way that helps your kids and for them to learn to see you in a new teaching role. I think it will all smooth itself out with some time. Hang in there! You can do this! Don’t be hard on yourself- YOU are learning too!

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I know how you feel - I stayed in an online school because of money. But after almost loosing my sanity and my kids crying every day of the year for 5 years… sigh… I just couldn’t take it anymore. It sounds so great that everything is free - but it is just like a public school at home. My children honestly got further BEHIND with the online school - they were so burnt out and uninterested. If you stick with it - you cannot get behind… so don’t let those subjects that hold no interest fall behind… it is not good. They will require you to catch up.

One thing I started doing at the end of last year - was only doing the BARE minimum of what they require. If you try and do it all - you will get burnt out :frowning:

If you need any help with the online school - please don’t hesitate. I can try and offer what we did. And whatever you decide we will all support you!
Best wishes,

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