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Starting mid year

Hi, My daughter is 5 now and we are beginning to home school. She was in a public pre-school but home school was always the goal after 1st grade so we just started a little earlier than planned. Being mid year I am just buying curriculum’s and such so my concern is that a typical school year last until June and picks back up in August. So how do I start now? We have started All about reading which I do love and the math curriculum I purchased is not in yet, however, I feel like our schedule will be all crazy and I really just do not know how to start. Teaching her is great and I feel confident in that area but I am totally overwhelmed with the thoughts of starting a new curriculum with a few months left. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

A lot depends on your state laws. Do you know what the compulsory age for Kinder is for your state? I would highly suggest joining HSLDA (Homeschool legal defense association).

If Kinder isint required by you state, id say just do a lesson when she feels like it, maybe try and do it 3 days a week. Then take a few weeks off when you go on vacation or need a break. Then start back up again with the new school year. Its up to your state laws and your family when you “start” and when you end :slight_smile:

How fun! I would just take things at her pace and don’t worry about starting “everything” now. Starting with AAR and reading aloud to her is plenty for age 5. When your math comes in, you can go ahead and start it. Starting now gives you the freedom to take more than a day on a lesson, play with manipulatives to help her learn and so on. Or if it’s easy for her, you can go faster and just start the next level when she’s done with the first one. Homeschooling gives you the freedom to do things that don’t follow the school calendar–you can start and stop curriculum when you want to! Have fun with your little one!

It sort of depends on where you live as to what the rules are. You can check for information on your state. Since it’s already March, I would just do some basics daily activities (reading, math, handwriting, play-doh, crafts, etc. and some fun motor-skill stuff) with her for the rest of the year, then pick up full force in August with first grade if she’s ready for that. Also, depending on the state you may not have to follow the traditional Aug-June school year. Most states just require you do a certain amount of hours and days per year, but they don’t necessarily care when your year starts and stops. That said, some people choose to homeschool year round, some stick to the schedule of their local district, each home is different. So I think I would start by checking your state requirements. If you feel better sticking with the local district schedule then I would do some kindergarten activities the rest of this school year and even over the summer if you want. Then start up in August with a first grade curriculum.

I have curriculum tips for each grade level here to help get you started:

I would just say if she’s interested, start with 15-20 minutes per day of reading lessons. Tack it on to something you already do every day. Example - put all the materials in a basket near the table & do reading lessons right after breakfast. Then just go about your day… household chores, tons of free play, read aloud to her for fun, have her help in kitchen, etc. Slowly add one subject at a time over time. If the math comes and she’s excited, tack that on to after lunch or whatever!

The time of year and coordinating with the academic calendar/ ages /grades etc doesn’t matter much for homeschoolers. Yay! :slight_smile:

Hope that helps. Here are some other ideas for incorporating learning to read into everyday life.