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Hey Everyone!
I’ve researched and researched at nauseam, and I just can’t find a spelling program I like (we’ve tried a few… none really worked for us.) So, taking ideas from other people on here, I’ve decided I’m just going to “create” our own spelling “curriculum” as so many other families have done (spelling words, lists, worksheets, games, activities, etc.)
My question: Where can I get good lists of words (preferably by grade level) that I can print out and use each year. I’ve considered just purchasing the SpellYouSee teacher manual or the Sequential Spelling teacher manual and using their lists each year, but that just seems like a waste of money to purchase teacher manuals. So - ideas for printable lists by grade??
Thank you so much!

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I know you are looking for spelling lists, but I was wondering if you have ever considered using copy work to teach spelling?
I also struggled to find a good spelling program number 1 because I found the words too random number 2 I found it expensive to just get a list of words and number 3 I found the spelling wasn’t retained. I have not used an actual spelling curriculum now for about 3 years, instead I had my children read great books and do copy work from all of our subjects as well as using vocabulary lists from things like Science and History. I find my children have picked up spelling much better this way. My 1st grader is having a much easier time spelling than her siblings did with us using this method and I think it is because the words make sense to her rather than just having lists.
With this method it is quite easy to come up with your own spelling curriculum. This is what I have found works for us. :slight_smile:


Hi triton17-
I was in the same boat as you were- I am going to try Spelling workout for next year- you can find it on christianbook.com
Each lesson focusses on a phonic concept and is filled with activities for the student. I like that I don’t have to recreate the wheel and the curriculum won’t break the bank, like so many out there.
Christian book has sample pages that you can take a look at as well as a table of contents to see what is covered.
Wishing you well in your search!

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This site has a free list for each grade. I just attached the first grade list so you had a link to click.

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@Proverbs31 Thank you! We do copy work as part of our curriculum, but my kids are just not natural spellers. Copy work does help, but they need more (if “bad spelling” is inherited then they 100% got the bad spelling gene from me!!) :grinning: Thanks!!

@Marie thank you!! I’ll absolutely check that out! I appreciate the help!

@alimaree yes! Thank you - this is very helpful! Thanks

Ha! I get you! I have at least 1 who is not a natural speller either which is why I searched high and low for a curriculum but just never liked any, the final straw was to go for AAS but the $$$$ made me say I’ll buy it later in the year for the past 3 years which never happened lol. But as I continued with the reading and copy work, somehow they seem to get it now. I tested them all on spelling they would never have known before and the spelling has improved by leaps and bounds. I am planning to use spelling wisdom this year to see if I can sneak some more spelling in in the form of more copy work and dictation. :slight_smile: I am hoping to see an even better result this year! Hope you find something that works for you, spelling had been one of the more frustrating subjects on this side.