Special Education Curriculum

Is there a curriculum for special education or any websites that specialize in special education that’s not to expensive? TIA

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@homeschoolingmommie My daughter was in the special ed program in public school, but we don’t use any specific “special ed” curriculum. The idea is to modify the material in such a way as to promote understanding. Step one is to figure out HOW your child learns best. Then, you can search for the best ways to teach her.

For example, my daughter is very hands on. So we used manipulatives to teach math. Initially, we used Math U See and now, we have moved to Shiller (Montessori based) Math. One doesn’t have to be “special ed” to use that curriculum, but because I know how my daughter learns, I can adapt the curriculum to suit her needs.


Memoria Press has their Simply Classical curriculum for special needs. I haven’t really seen any others that are specifically for a special ed type of program. I think it really is about modifying whatever you do use to fit their needs. Depending on the child’s diagnosis, there are a lot of books out there that you can read in order to help you to better understand how to teach to your child’s specific need.

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I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure Montessori style teaching was originally meant to be for special needs children. There is a mom blogger out there whom I have read a few times on the Montessori topic. She homeschools her children and I find their learning style fascinating.

Also, I have seen here and there curriculum for special needs children. Rod & Staff has some, http://www.milestonebooks.com/list/Rod_and_Staff_Special_Education/
And KOF’s Succeeding at Reading works well for them too, http://keepersofthefaith.com/category/SucceedingatReading