Spanish curriculum help

We’ve been learning Spanish for a few years, using Duloingo, Teach them Spanish!, and watching Salsa Spanish. I’d like to try doing more than just learning objects and words, so I was wondering if anyone would recommend anything? Rosetta Stone? If so, which version for a family with a 10, 7, and 5yo? Thanks!

At the elementary level there is a program by a gentleman from the Daytona Beach area of Florida. La Classe Divertida ( La Classe Divertida ). It’s video interactive. He has video lessons and then there are “class” lessons to go with them that include writing, art, cooking and music. He also offers a high school class (he is or was a high school Spanish teacher before going out on his own to develop this program for homeschoolers) We used it for a couple of years while my daughter was in elementary and really enjoyed it. Once you get to the high school level someone at the FPEA convention said that colleges only accept accredited classes. I don’t know if his high school classes are accredited or not but we went with Florida Virtual School for Spanish because it is accredited and it is free for people from Florida.