Somone please explain lapbooks

I see these everywhere online and I guess I just don’t understand the purpose. What is the main purpose/point of these. I have just never seen one in real life so I am sure there is something I don’t understand about them. Thanks!

Erica has a link for that :slight_smile: And I’m sure there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest as well :slight_smile:

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Hi @Lindsay , the main purpose behind lap books is to help make learning more interactive and hands-on. For example with my literature units it helps students remember the premise of the story better as well as think more critically about the characters, plot, setting, etc. They also have a completed project to show all of their work at the end of their studies. The history one were using has a lot of fun projects that they work on as we go. They’re putting together a newspaper where they write articles as we learn about various people and places, as well as recipes, crafts, and mini-books to help them remember what they’ve learned. It’s much more fun than just reading boring text books :slight_smile:

The link @HSintheCity put up shows you how to put them together. Hope that helps some!

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Thank you! I honestly just didn’t understand the purpose. This helps!

I was so confused and trying to figure out what in the world a lap book was also, I went on line and looked it up and then typed in lap book tutorial and watched a great one and I am all for them now and have made one to show my kids when we start homeschooling. They are fun and a great way for the kids to learn and remember what they have learned. Best of luck