Social Studies for K&1st

What do you use to teach social studies for kindergarten/1st grade?

At that age we just used a children’s atlas. Each day we would turn the page, read about a new country/culture. Then draw a picture (usually copying one of the photos from the page) and write a short letter home as if we were visiting that country, telling what the picture was.


We used Pearson My World Social Studies. It is good but seems a bit pricey and honestly a bit humdrum. I am trying Reading Comprehension Social Studies this next year with my upcoming 1st and 3rd graders and am excited about the reading comprehension approach while teaching social studies concepts. We are also going to be working through Core Skills: Social Studies in each level as well for backup/activities. This is because we do our History and Geography through other programs though so we only need the Social Studies component from this curriculum.

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