Single Parent Homeshooler

Hi. My name is Karina and I am fairly new to this forum. I am a single Mama to three kiddos (2, 5, 6) I homeschooled my oldest, but this year I could not afford the childcare for this year and had to put the two oldest in public school, which breaks my heart. Once I wiped my tears, I picked myself up and decided that God gave me this opportunity to come up with a game plan to resume homeschooling for the next school year. Does anyone have any creative ideas for working from home? I’ve thought about so many things to do (I don’t want to mention here so as to not seem like I’m advertising services or something.) Anyways, the irony is that the one thing that comes naturally to me is teaching, which is why I chose to become a homeschooler. Thank you for your help.

Do you have a degree that could be used for tutoring, either face-to-face or online? There are also some online elementary/high schools that may be an option.

Could you open a daycare/preschool in your home?

You might look into this:

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@nerakr I am currently studying for my nursing boards so tutoring may be an option once that’s done. I am also currently looking into having a preschool in my home. I enjoy teaching the little ones and with my degree, I may get to overstep some of the necessary classes. Thank you for your suggestion.

@htfhilltopfarm I just checked out The Landry Academy and the courses that they offer, and with my background, there a few classes that I can potentially teach. Thank you for the suggestion. I hadn’t heard of them, so that’s another good lead. I am getting my resume ready to send them. Though, according to their website, I believe the deadline has passed, but I will still submit it. The worst they can say is that I was too late for this year and I’m no better/worse off than now. Very much appreciated!