Singapore Math Catch Up

My husband and I are planning to pull our kids at the end of this school year and begin homeschooling. We moved to a new state to a very small rural school with limited resources from a much larger school with far more resources. We had heard the school was not a great one. We have suspected that the kids have been falling behind their prior peers and not really being challenged academically this year, but had decided we would give the local school a try and see for ourselves this first year. So…I am now giving my kids the Singapore math (the curriculum their prior school used that we were very happy with) placement tests hoping that we could jump in to the appropriate grade level next year. Unfortunately I am seeing that we will need to redo the majority of their prior year. (Very disappointing). Can anyone who has used the Singapore primary math US edition tell me if it is reasonable (or unreasonable) for me to hope that we could get through two years of singapore math in one year if we work a bit each day during the summer as well. I am hopeful!!

I started homeschooling my son last year & I decided once we finished Teaching Textbooks (which he hated for some unknown reason), that we would do Singapore. I tested him & we started with 2A last May. We worked over the summer & are just finishing 4A now, so you can definitely do it! I use My Father’s World curriculum & they have a guide they sell with the Singapore Math textbooks that give daily lessons. We do more than one days’ worth (according to their guide) almost daily. I’m hoping we can get through 6B by the end of next year (he’s in 5th Grade now), although we are slowing our pace.

@RubyJane - can’t thank you enough for the encouragement! So nice to know that we should be able to catch up…

We do 4 pages a day on most school days and we normally get done with our math book in about 8 months. It’s possible if you really cram it in. There is not a lot of practice in singapore, so you’ll just need to make sure that you aren’t going so fast that they are missing concepts.

Thank you @jeremmy - what age/grade is your kiddo?

We just finished up 3rd (3A/3B) :smile:

Thanks @jeremmy! I have a 1st, 3rd, and 5th grader currently. Appreciate the advice!

@jeremmy – what do you use for extra practice (if anything)? I use various worksheets I can find online & Kahn Academy.

We don’t do extra practice. I feel like he has a good grasp on what he’s learning and I’ve been seeing him use math in day to day life correctly. We are starting to take breaks between the books to do one life of Fred math book. i thought that would be a fun and more laid back way to practice math without burning him out (we do school year round).

@jeremmy - I love the idea to take a break and throw in a Life of Fred book periodically. I have been wanting to try them and this would be a good way to try…

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