Sight Words Age and List

What age do most stop working on sight word lists? What list do you use or recommend? Thank you :blush:

We stopped doing spelling this year and made the switch to vocabulary. My daughter is a very good speller, but we need to focus on word meanings to help with reading comprehension. She is working at a 4th/5th grade level. (I’m not sure if this is what you were asking, so disregard if it isn’t. :slight_smile: )

We used ABeka’s sight word lists and I believe it was up until 2nd or 3rd grades, starting a bit in K5.

I have never used a specific sight word list. We also use Abeka and they just have a short list of sight words because many sight words can be read according to the basic phonics rules. We practice sight words beginning in kindergarten and stop at second grade. Years ago I printed this cards from KizClub (the link goes direct to the PDF file)
I just pick the cards we need to practice. They have cards and worksheets organized by grade level, too.

Also @erica has wonderful sight word printables at her website. I am actually printing the worksheets for my first grader!

@Elizabeth @GC123 Where can I find a list of A Beka sight word lists for grade 1-2? I’m very interested in using them!

@Luvmyboys, in the A Beka curriculum sight words are introduced as they appear in the reading and spelling books. I wish there was a list in the teacher manual, but they do not emphasize sight words. I ended up making these lists taking the words from the books. I have to mention that in first grade some abbreviations and contractions are introduced as sight words.

I also found a printable set of flashcards in this blog, it has most of the first grade words.

Hope this helps!

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I just want to share this information I found at This Reading Mama website. It is about sight words and high frequency words, lists, increasing fluency, teaching tips, etc. I hope this be useful to those who are interested.