Sharing Your One Best Find!

I wanted this to be a post where we can each share a one best find with the rest of us, in an organized manner, to help each other see what else is available and also to keep us from jumping around too much by buying things we won’t use but instead discovering just what we need!

So to accomplish this, why don’t we each give a detailed explanation of a one great find that has helped us and/or our children in our homeschooling journey? I’ll start!

(If you have more than one best find, please reply to topic accordingly, to keep it visually organized. Ex.: two best finds, two replies - one for each. :wink: )

[RAZZLE DAZZLE WRITING][1]: Achieving Excellence Through 50 Target Skills by Melissa Forney.

I’m not the best at describing/reviewing materials. If you want to read the reviews on the above link you’ll get a better picture of what this book is actually like. But I’ll say this: This book is full of fun lessons, and it has helped my oldest child learn to write in an exciting way, and just for fun. We use the free [manipulatives][2] as well, and have made a Writing Folder/Lapbook where she can go to before she starts writing. She also uses some of the other print-outs which she has in her drawer.
These resources have been a huge help! It can be very hard to explain all the details of writing to a child, and not only that, it can be boring too. But with this book and the print-outs linked above, it becomes easy and super fun.
Following are pictures of the Writing Folder I put together using the link provided. This was made for her early elementary years, but there are tons of other lists including Strong verbs, Weak verbs, Descriptive Words, and much, much more!

Hope you like this!


Not sure how I missed this thread last year, but great idea! I have so many great finds, but here’s a popular one: TeachersPayTeachers. Yes, there are loads of cool things to buy, but I’m more impressed with all the FREE options. I’ve downloaded so many wonderful free resources that have saved me time and money… Everything from games to posters to diagrams to worksheets to booklets… Even some free units!

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